Monday, Monday

Another week is here to kick-start those promises you made to yourself late on a Sunday evening! Perhaps you were bargaining with yourself as you witnessed the most epic ending to a televised awards ceremony in recent history?


Duke being a bad influence and making me hit the snooze button.

In the one hour I stayed up past my bedtime (yes, I am a bit of a Nanna when it comes to sleep), I told myself that by staying up it means I have to make my regular 5:30 a.m. workout class. Just because I wanted to be a part of the frantic social media blitz shouting their reactions to the Oscars Best Picture blunder DOESN’T mean I get to take a pass on sweating it out in the early morn. HA!

Cut to 4:45 a.m. when my alarm went off. Monday morning me wasn’t as committed or enthusiastic as social media blitzed me. Needless to say, I missed my class today.

The one thing I always neglect to remember when I hit the snooze button is how this decision has a chain reaction effect on the rest of my day. I slept longer, got out of the house later, missed my morning espresso, didn’t take Duke to play at my in-laws, was late to work, had to work through lunch etc., etc., etc.

I feel like that’s a lot of fallout due to witnessing the embarrassment of PWC giving Bonnie and Clyde the wrong envelope. No?

Worth it.

M x



I’m bored. Yes, something I am sure my mother can still hear even from decades ago and half a world away.


Duke being bored too. We’re so in-sync!

After a few frantic weeks (more like months now I think about it), I’m searching for that illusive and sweet side-hustle. I’ve got some more time on my hands after finishing up a few projects and it struck me at 2 a.m. this morning that perhaps I should just start a writing project.


A friend of mine recently completed a project where she had to write/blog once a day for 100 days. While that would definitely help me scrub up on my keyboard skills, sometimes I just feel like there’s nothing happening worth putting into words.

Perhaps I need to start by just writing about things I’m loving at the moment. I feel like I have endless recommendations for podcasts and books right now. Stay tuned. Just need to finish up one book and the latest episode of Pod Save America.


M x

On Wednesdays we get inspired


Wednesday is my favourite day. Wednesday means inspiration. Wednesday is the day my favourite podcast drops and I get my head into gear to tackle the enormous list of to-do’s waiting on my desk at work.

If you haven’t subscribed or listened to Mamamia’s flagship podcast, Mamamia Outloud, then you’re missing out. Three intelligent, hilarious and on-point women discuss the week’s events, pop culture and most importantly give their 2 cents on what women are talking about.

This podcast always leaves me bristling with inspiration. It makes me pause and give thought to what other people have on their plate. Most importantly, it keeps me connected to not only other women around me, but tuned in to what women in Oz are talking about. There are very few podcasts that give me this luxury, Hamish and Andy is another podcast, but this one is distinctly more feminist and resonates that little bit more.

So this is a shout-out to those books, blogs, podcasts, tv programs that give you inspiration. To tackle the to-do’s, that make you laugh and impart some intelligent conversation into your day.

Subscribe now in your iTunes store and do yourself and your brain a favour!

*Image taken from google images and without consent….but I’m singing the podcast’s praises so I feel like they could let it slide?


Local Leatherman’s Labour of Love

The rich, earthy and luxurious smell of leather is an aroma that is unlike any other and one that overwhelms the rustic workshop of local apparel and accessory company Populess.

Brad Gadd is the creative vision behind the grassroots lifestyle brand. The idea was born out of Gadd wanting to extend his creative time in art classes outside of school so he and some buddies started experimenting with screen-printing t-shirts in high school for friends and family. More than 10 years on, Gadd has a brand that is selling in stores across western Canada.

A self-taught leather craftsman, Gadd moved into designing and creating the Populess range of accessories after discovering a skill and love for the craft. A chance enquiry to his father about where to purchase scraps of leather, uncovered a genetic reason for feeling connected with the material and the art.

“I remember asking my dad, where does a guy just go and buy a piece of scrap leather in Lethbridge.” “He laughed and brought up this box of stuff that I guess my mother and my great grandfather used to do leather workwith, I had no idea.”

Gadd designs, sources and creates all of the leather accessories in the Populess line. From making trips to Longview and surrounding areas to handpick the hides he wants to work with, to finding a supplier of rivets and hardware are all part of the job. Trying to source materials locally and keeping manufacturing within southern Alberta are factors that resonate with Gadd, who says that he aims to keep the company’s dollars in Canada or North America where possible.

“I love our corner of the world we live in and I try to incorporate that into our brand so our main slogan is ‘Born where the prairies meet the mountains’.”

Populess is not the only fashion label to emerge from southern Alberta. Lethbridge College fashion design graduate, Caitlin Power, has had her self-titled label recognized both nationally and internationally on the catwalk. Vicki Hegedus, chair of the school of media and design at the college says that up and coming designers are putting more of an emphasis on sustainability and locally sourced products.

“Nicole Bridger from Vancouver for example, does some fabulous things and she’s really thoughtful about sustainability in the fabrics that she chooses. She actually bought a factory in Vancouver so that she has absolute control over what goes on and how her things are made.”

Shelly Court Kanyo is another local designer and founded Lethbridge Fashion Week, an annual event which allows both local and western Canadian designers, models, photographers and DJ’s to showcase their skills. Kanyo believes that while Lethbridge isn’t on the fashion map yet, the city is filled with hidden talent just waiting to be discovered.

“Lethbridge has the right attitude.  We know we’re not a huge player in the fashion industry, but we don’t pretend that the fashion world doesn’t affect us.  People are supportive, generous and work hard.  Lethbridge has so many local businesses that support each other and that helps make the network here strong.”

Gadd echoes Kanyo’s sentiment, admitting he has many helpful hands working with him, including business partner and friend Cameron Stromsmoe. While Gadd remains the driving force behind Populess, he said that knowing that you’re surrounded by a supportive group of individuals and businesses is the beauty of growing and owning a business in a close-knit community like Lethbridge.