I’m bored. Yes, something I am sure my mother can still hear even from decades ago and half a world away.


Duke being bored too. We’re so in-sync!

After a few frantic weeks (more like months now I think about it), I’m searching for that illusive and sweet side-hustle. I’ve got some more time on my hands after finishing up a few projects and it struck me at 2 a.m. this morning that perhaps I should just start a writing project.


A friend of mine recently completed a project where she had to write/blog once a day for 100 days. While that would definitely help me scrub up on my keyboard skills, sometimes I just feel like there’s nothing happening worth putting into words.

Perhaps I need to start by just writing about things I’m loving at the moment. I feel like I have endless recommendations for podcasts and books right now. Stay tuned. Just need to finish up one book and the latest episode of Pod Save America.


M x


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