On Wednesdays we get inspired


Wednesday is my favourite day. Wednesday means inspiration. Wednesday is the day my favourite podcast drops and I get my head into gear to tackle the enormous list of to-do’s waiting on my desk at work.

If you haven’t subscribed or listened to Mamamia’s flagship podcast, Mamamia Outloud, then you’re missing out. Three intelligent, hilarious and on-point women discuss the week’s events, pop culture and most importantly give their 2 cents on what women are talking about.

This podcast always leaves me bristling with inspiration. It makes me pause and give thought to what other people have on their plate. Most importantly, it keeps me connected to not only other women around me, but tuned in to what women in Oz are talking about. There are very few podcasts that give me this luxury, Hamish and Andy is another podcast, but this one is distinctly more feminist and resonates that little bit more.

So this is a shout-out to those books, blogs, podcasts, tv programs that give you inspiration. To tackle the to-do’s, that make you laugh and impart some intelligent conversation into your day.

Subscribe now in your iTunes store and do yourself and your brain a favour!

*Image taken from google images and without consent….but I’m singing the podcast’s praises so I feel like they could let it slide?