Hello WordPress my old friend..

It’s been over a year since I bashed out anything on this site that wasn’t work/school related. I’ve moved my professional portfolio over to another site which means I can now utilize this site as an outlet for my personal blog again….so if you’re here looking for examples of my work or looking to contact me in a professional capacity, click here.

If you’re still reading along because you a) have stumbled across this site due to a random selection of keyword searches or, b) you’re somewhere interested in the ramblings of 30-something woman then…. welcome and I apologise in advance.

I’m writing this post early on a Saturday morning as I’ve been awake since a ridiculous hour due to phantom leg pain, which can only be described as adult growing pains. I’ve been in bed for the last 3 days with the head cold to end all head colds and I believe my body is now telling me that I’ve reached my capacity of laying down and to get the hell up. I of course internalized this as a sign of something more sinister occuring as I’m happy and in a good place in my life….so OBVIOUSLY something is going to go horrifically wrong.

After calling the health advisory line at 4:30 a.m. convinced I was suffering from either lyme disease or the beginnings of bone cancer, I was informed by the lovely and caring nurse on the other end, Barbara, that it is more likely nerve pain or just my body recovering from said horrific head cold. Basically, take two Tylenol and go to bed. This is the adult equivalent of saying to a primary schooler who is nagging the admin lady at the school sick bay “go and get a glass of water, wash your face and go back to class.”

So I did, and of course the pain has dulled but predictably my brain is now awake and searching for the multitude of reasons to keep me up. Rather than tossing and turning and taking my family along in this glorious state of alertness, I decided to get up and do something more productive…write that blog post I’ve been meaning to get to.

So there you have it. I’m back to blogging and attempting to keep the creative writing dream alive. Admittedly, while I would prefer my fingers to be inspired at more civilized hour, I’m just glad they’re still inspired.