And so it begins…

When thinking about marrying the love of your life, the last thing that springs to mind are organizational draw backs and logistical nightmares…..or am I alone in that one??

After months of procrastination and research and just plain stalling, we’ve done it, we’ve booked a venue.  The procrastination wasn’t due to the lack of enthusiasm to be joined in matrimony, but rather to the lack of time needed to research and plan.  Between the two of us, there have just been bigger fish to fry… or more like backyards to rebuild, money to be made, internships to be worked and if I’m really honest, Netflix to be watched.

Deciding on a location was by far our biggest hurdle.  Fun fact – something that they don’t tell you when you’re in the throws of falling madly in love with a foreigner, is that for the foreseeable future, your lives will be a constant compromise of location.  Whether it be buying a house, holidaying, christmas, birthdays etc etc.  To ensure that our nuptials were inconvenient in the fairest way possible for all concerned parties, we decided to get hitched somewhere completely unrelated to both families.  Perfect!

Amongst all of this planning and mild stress, the word elopement decides to rear it’s ugly head into conversations with friends and family.  Elopement and I have a love/hate relationship, in that I would love to elope and spend all of this money on a 6 month vacation/finishing renovating our house/buying a new car instead….but I would likely then hate us for doing it.  Sometimes when I feel a little stressed about this process, I like to dream of elopement and I on a beach with a stiff cocktail in hand and more time than we knew what to do with…oh and my husband, he’s there too of course.

So with all of this in mind, we continue on to the next stage of our planning endeavour which I’m told should be a wedding coordinator and a caterer…and a photographer…. and a band. Le sigh.


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